My Safe Foods

I’ll add more to this page later but I thought I’d get it started. Here is a list of foods I consider safe to eat:

– raw veggies (usually carrots, celery is a really good one too but I hate the stringy parts)

– fruit, I know it is high is sugar and therefore carbs but I so rarely eat it that when I do have it I deem it ok

– tea, I drink more tea then anyone you know, specifically Tetley tea, caffeinated

– Kraft light peanut butter, by the spoonful, if it is on anything it’s a bad choice because I’m eating not only the peanut butter but whatever it is on but if I have a spoonful for dinner it’s ok

– Clif Bars, they are small, count as a meal, if I eat one it will be all I eat that day but it has so much in it I think it’s a good food choice

– yogurt, small portion, it is dairy, filling, has fruit in it, one small serving every 3-4 days is acceptable but I usually eat it way less then that

– diet coke, like my tea, I drink it in copious amounts, sometimes as a meal, sometimes just as a drink

– my protein shake, this one is iffy, it is a safe food if I have strenuously exercised that day and barely eaten anything else, otherwise it is an indulgence, I love my protein shake so I make myself earn it

– a glass of milk, I know it shouldn’t be, it’s milk, it’s full of sugar and carbs but if I choose I may have 1 cup of 1% milk a day (if I don’t over indulge the rest of the day)

Hmm, I said I would add to this list later but I think this is actually my entire list…it’s an awful lot of food, I think I should cut back on my safe foods…or cut back on the frequency I am allowed to eat them…


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