ED Program Orientation

I went to the orientation session for the Adult ED Program Monday afternoon. I had to leave work an hour early to get there in time, it isn’t that it is super far from my work, more that I had to get there during rush hour and traffic crawls during rush hour so a half hour trip can take up to two hours at times.

I was going back and forth between wanting there to be a lot of people there and wanting there to be barely any other people there, there are pros and cons to both, shrug. People could bring others with them, their support systems, if they wanted, so that made it look more crowded. In total there were 6 people there who are going through orientation in order to get in to the program. The average wait time from now till there is a spot is roughly three months which kinda sucks. Not like I am looking forward to all the work that seems to be involved with being in this program but what little desire I have to change is in me now and I’m worried in three months it’ll be gone. It’s like how when you have a sore tooth and you put off going to the dentist but then you finally screw up your courage, take the plunge, and make an appointment asap so you don’t have time to back out. That is how I look at this whole getting help thing.

But alas, I have no control over the time it will take for them to have an opening soooooo, meh, just gotta wait I guess.

I got a bunch of paperwork, information about other resources I can tap in to until they have a spot for me, a booklet with information about eating disorders, stuff like that. I skimmed through the book, well through all of it really, but the book is what I think I will be most interested in. There is stuff in there that answered questions I had never thought to ask, and that was with me just skimming, not actually reading, so who knows what else I might learn!

I was totally stressing that (1) I’d be the fattest person there and (2) there’d be lots of personal questions or an interview stage to the orientation, something like that, and I’d have to get all personal an shit.

Neither happened. There was one girl who was waaaaaay bigger than me, two who were slim build but looking healthy, two who were underweight (one by a lot) and me, fitting somewhere in there.

The majority of the orientation was one of the doctors that runs the program telling us all kinds of things, an overview of how the program works, what to expect, blah blah blah. She also gave all of us ample opportunity to ask questions but for the most part we all stayed quiet, like, super quiet. There was one guy, he is the husband of one of the underweight ladies who was there as part of her support system and he asked some really good questions. Questions I was glad he asked cuz I didn’t want to ask but I was happy to hear the information. I did eventually ask a couple of questions, nothing earth shattering, but things I wanted to know. Other than that one guy and I asking a couple questions each there was no talk between the doc running the session and the group.

So now there is nothing much for me to do, except try to not get drastically worse before I get an actual spot in the program. Even though I was listening to everything and trying to focus I don’t remember all the stuff we were told so I can’t go in to much detail about the program itself but lets see what I can remember…

  • it is a group based program so while there is some one-on-one stuff the program works mostly on participants going to group sessions
  • you have 18 months to work the program – that doesn’t mean you have to be cured in 18 months or that you may need to take the full 18 months, just that is how much time each person gets. If you need more time then you can ask your doctor to submit another referral and you will get back in…presumably when there is another opening
  • they work with other programs in the area so if this one ends up not being a good fit they can help a person get in to a different program
  • you can’t fail a group – that was one of my questions. All that is asked is that you participate and try as much as you can because the more you participate the more you will get out of it. I was actually asking in reference to this one group where you have to bring a meal (that follows their guidelines, god knows what they insist a person eat!) and eat with the group then hang out afterwards…I don’t think I can do that and I’m wondering if I am not able to eat the meal, or deal with hanging out afterwards, or don’t bring the “right” meal, if I will be kicked out but I didn’t want to go in to more detail about that so I’m leaving that as a thing to be found out later
  • if you miss 2 group sessions in a month (I think it is a month) then you are asked to leave that particular group and if you miss I can’t remember how many group sessions or whatever within a certain amount of time you are asked to leave the program and reapply when you can better commit to it

That is all I can remember right now…but I figure that is enough lol



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