A Binge Solution?

I love doughnuts. They are a food I could binge on every single day. Doesn’t even have to be the fancy ones, I love em all!

I hate doughnuts. They are a food I could binge on every single day. I want to eat them all and can scarf down 6 in under 5 minutes!

Ah doughnuts…I have such a love / hate relationship with you.

I have been wanting doughnuts for hmm, lets see…a week or so now? Basically since my last doughnut binge. I really could eat them every day.

Normally I buy doughnuts from Tim Horton’s because, well, they rock, lol. Also, if I have to select them from a display case and have someone put them in a box for me I tend to not get as many as I want because the embarrassment level is high. I’m always so sure they know I am going to rush home and eat them all…

Wal-Mart however has a 6 pack of simple glazed doughnuts for a measly $1. They are waaay over glazed, dripping glaze all over the place, but they are somehow good and addictive despite all that extraneous glaze. I try not to buy them because (1) even if I tell myself I won’t eat them all at once I know I will, (2) what kind of cheap ass ingredients are they using that they can sell 6 doughnuts for only $1, and (3) doughnuts are not a safe food, they are so far from being a safe food it is ridiculous and they should never ever be allowed in my apartment!

Well jokes on me cause a week ago I bought the stupid things from Wal-Mart and have wanted more ever since.

When I was at Superstore this evening (hey, it was a legit trip, I needed milk!) I wandered over to the bakery section to see if they sold doughnuts, sadly they did not but they did have an amazing looking Swiss Roll Cake. For those that don’t know imagine a chocolate cake that was made kinda thin, then spread white frosting on it and roll it up, Mmm!

Brought that sucker home and was eating it, while standing in the kitchen, waiting for the water to boil for my cup of tea.

I am disgusting. I didn’t even take the cake out of the package, just popped the lid open and dug in with a fork. I consider myself somewhat less a heathen because I started eating the cake from one side rather than digging in right in the middle. Not much of an accomplishment but hey, I’ll take what I can get. *rolls eyes*

Jokes on me though cause that Swiss Roll Cake…not good! I mean, not so horrible I spit it out or anything but ugh, not good. The chocolate cake part is dry and the white frosting is gross.

You’d think that wouldn’t really matter considering how quickly I am eating it right? I mean someone who eats 1/4 of a cake in the time it takes water to boil can’t really be paying thaaaat much attention to flavour, right? And you are right! But even as I shoveled forkful after forkful in to my mouth I was aware I didn’t like how the cake tasted and that made the binge less enjoyable. And hey, a less enjoyable binge is sometimes a binge that might end a bit early…maybe…least this time it was.

I ended up in the living room, sitting on my chair, tea on the table beside me, laptop on and playing Netflix, cake package in one hand, fork in the other, shoveling the gross cake in my mouth and I could’t do it, I couldn’t finish it. It was so un-enjoyable that I could not finish the cake.

Now sure, sometimes when I binge eat I get so far in to the food and have to stop, I take a bit of a breather and maybe 15-30 minutes later I reach over, grab what is left over and continue eating but not this time. I mean yeah, I had the impulse to reach over and grab the cake but…it is gross…and I didn’t want more of that flavour in my mouth, assaulting my poor taste buds. So…I didn’t eat more of the cake. I did eventually go make some toast, but only 2 slices, and all I put on it was some margarine, and ok one slice had raspberry jam but it was in normal quantities. I mean, two slices of toast, that isn’t soooooo bad, is it? *cringe face*

Anyways! This has led me to think that maybe, perhaps, if possible, if you know when you are going to binge eat, and you know you won’t be able to stop yourself, maybe buy (or make, if you’re that kind of person) something that isn’t exactly all that much to your liking. I didn’t know I wasn’t going to like this cake, but I sure am glad I didn’t because instead of eating the entire cake I ate half. Which sure, doesn’t sound like much of a win, but again, I’ll take what I can get where I can get it and half a cake sure seems better to me than a whole cake!

So yeah, that is my suggestion, even though it seems like a waste of money to buy food you don’t particularly like, and yeah, it seems like a waste of food (cause the rest of this cake is most definitely going in to the garbage), isn’t it better to waste a little bit of money and food and save yourself all those calories?



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