Two Days, Two Happy Things

This blog doesn’t often contain a lot of happy news but two days in a row great things happened and I want to share…well, share as much as I can since I can’t get too specific without ruining the anonymous part of this blog lol

Actually, now that I think about it its really been three days and three happy things which is practically unheard of!

I am an actress, no not some super famous actress that you’ve seen on something so don’t get excited you’e stumbled across the blog of someone important lol I am at the beginning of my acting career and am still a nobody, but I’ll get there!

Anyways, the reason I told you that is because on Tuesday I had an audition that went greeeeeat! I had such a good feeling about it once I was done but you have to leave these things in the room. You can’t walk away from an audition and constantly think about it, once it is done it is done and you have to move on asap, that or you’ll go crazy. So even though the audition went great I had to move past it and forget it.

Wednesday was weigh-in day and I was down 2 pounds! Two pounds baby! Oh yeeeeeah! πŸ˜€ *happy dance*

Thursday I got a call from my agent and I booked the job I auditioned for on Tuesday! So yeah, awesome-sauce! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Booking that job has totally validated the low calorie eating plan I have been following! If you want something you have to work for it and I’ve been working for it and now I am seeing results!

Without even trying I have been consistently eating in the six hundred-ish range for a week now and it feels normal. Before that I was hovering in the high six hundreds all the way up to the high seven hundreds so this drop is nice. I was actually at five hundred and a bit calories one day last week but I purposefully ate something because I knew the next day was going to be super busy and I’d need the energy.

After I got the news I was so excited I couldn’t sit still lol so I didn’t! I played music and danced and puttered around the kitchen cleaning and sorting because I just had to move! It was great! πŸ™‚ I also, and this is a bit weird, kept looking in a mirror and checking out my collar bones (they are my favourite bones) and thinking about how this is a step towards what I want, towards my goal, not just my goal weight but my career goal and maybe the harder I work at losing the weight the faster my career goals will come to fruition.

So yeah, super happy, super psyched for filming day, super impressed with the loss of two pounds on the scale. All in all, it has been an awesome week, and I’m so glad I get to share it with you!

Oh, and as a continuation of the post I did about little goals, I am still using the dress I have to wear Sunday as a reminder to not over eat and now I have added the goal of don’t-screw-up-before-set-day which is even better! πŸ˜€

p.s. sorry about the Britney Spears video, she is large (in my opinion) so I don’t use her as inspiration for weight loss but I like the lyrics in this song, how if you want something you have to “work bitch!” to get it, it seemed to tie in well with my getting booked after losing weight via calorie restricting.


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