Little Goals

I’m not good at setting goals for myself that involve numbers. I can’t say in one week I will have lost X amount of weight, or by such-n-such a date I will be down to a specific number on the scale because my brain just doesn’t work like that.

I may think I know how fast or slow my weight loss is going to happen but in reality I don’t. My body hates to lose weight, haaaaaates it! So while experts say you can safely lose weight up to 2 pounds a week I can’t plan on losing that amount in a week because it doesn’t always happen. Not to mention there are some weeks where I lose more than 2 pounds, or the weeks I am binge eating and gain weight! There are so many variables that come in to play during a week that I can’t predict with accuracy what my new weigh in weight will be but if I try to guess, and am wrong, I am devastated.

I’m sure it seems overly dramatic to say I am devastated if the number on the scale isn’t as small as I had planned for it to be but it is how I feel.

So instead of having a weekly weigh in goal I have my over all goal, the weight I want to be at and am working towards.

Thing is, that is a biiiig goal, and is who knows how far away, and for me if something is far away then I feel like either (1) it is so far away I can cheat today because I have lots of time to make up for it or (2) it is so far away, it is never going to happen because I am a failure so I might as well do something stupid now…like eat…sigh

Instead I give myself smaller goals, that aren’t a number, that will take a shorter amount of time to reach, that seem attainable.

Sometimes the goal is getting through my work week without going over a certain amount of calories a day. Other times the goal might be not skipping any of my exercises for the week. Things like that.

My current goal is to lose enough weight that I look passable in a dress that I have to wear October 11th to a wedding. I don’t even know who is getting married, my friend’s boyfriend bailed on her and this is her friend’s wedding but she won’t know the majority of the people there so she asked me to go as her plus 1 and hey, weddings can be fun, well, the receptions can be! lol Besides, her and I have a blast no matter what we are doing. 🙂

Buuuuuut I’m starting to panic, if I’m honest I’ve been panicking about it for a week or so now, because I have to be dressed up, I have to somehow make myself look good, and that’ll never happen, not while I am this fat. 😦

So the goal, the goal became the dress! I can’t afford to go dress shopping, and frankly, I don’t want to spend money on clothes that will fit me at this size while I am actively getting smaller, but I can’t exactly wear yoga pants and a loose t-shirt to a freaking wedding.

I tried on the dress before I knew about the wedding and was pleasantly surprised that it is fitting better than the last time I tried it on. I decided that I would use it as a way to track my weight loss, maybe try it on once a month or so and see how the fit improves. But now I have to actually wear it, outside, in public, in 9 days!

Freaking. Out.

I hate how I look, especially in anything form fitting, so I don’t know how I am going to manage this.

This is where the goal comes in.

Theoretically, every time I am tempted to not exercise, or tempted to eat, I will think of the dress, and how I have to wear it in a little over a week and how it is form fitting, and how I need to get smaller so I look semi decent in it, and hopefully that will help me to resist food and get my ass to the gym.

Little goals people!

This worked and didn’t work for me today. I exercised and that goes in the trying-to-fit-in-to-the-dress column but I also ate the last bit of left over cake, which obviously doesn’t go in the trying-to-fit-in-to-the-dress column. I don’t even know why I ate it, I wasn’t hungry, I’d had a great day, I was at a little over 500 calories for the day aaaaaand had exercised so I was in a great spot then the next thing I knew I was eating cake. sigh. At least there was no frosting on it!

See, this is what happens when I have tempting foods in my place, it is ridiculous! I am almost glad I ate the cake because now it is gone and I won’t have that option from now on.


I’m getting off point lol The point was that if numbers on the scale don’t work for you as goals like they don’t work for me then maybe try something else. The way an article of clothing fits, how high up your arm you can wrap your fingers, how tight you have to put your watch, things like that. Things that aren’t numbers but that can help you track your weight loss. And once that thing you are using stops being a useful measure, like when the dress becomes baggy enough I can’t tell how much looser it is getting because it is already super loose, swap to a new article of clothing, or buy a smaller watch band, or whatever works for you. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Little Goals

  1. proana57

    loved this post, so relatable. I always try and say ‘in 3 days I will have lost at least 2 pounds’ and then when I don’t I feel like a failure so, instead my current goal is to be a certain goal for December for a concert that im going to 🙂

    1. foodobsessed79 Post author

      that is a great goal! I didn’t quite get as small as I wanted for the dress I wore to the wedding but I was close, and even though it bothers me I didn’t make the goal it isn’t as upsetting as not hitting a certain number on the scale for some reason. Good luck with your goal, I’m sure you’ll do great! 🙂


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