This Comment

So…an anonymous idiot left the following comment on my About Page…I did not approve it so it doesn’t show up there but I thought I’d show it to you…


14 hours ago

why don’t you kill yourself right now? Would be easier than living in such a stupid and complicated way

I don’t know what kind of self-hatred the person who identifies themselves as Corpse must feel to write something so hate filled on the blog of a person he/she doesn’t know. Nobody forced them to read anything on my blog, if they stumbled upon it randomly, read a bit and thought “this is not a topic I am interested in” well, why not just go on to another blog, why write something so vile?

My first reaction was shock, I just kept staring at the words, rereading them, feeling them being absorbed by my skin, being internalized, but then something happened…I reread them for about the thousandth time and realized that the problem isn’t with me, it is with the person who wrote that.

The troll.

The sad, pathetic, lame, little troll who has nothing better to do with their life than write something mean, something bullying, something that could potentially drive someone to do something harmful.

It doesn’t take a huge effort to write something mean, it doesn’t even take bravery since Corpse obviously isn’t their name, they have no link I can trace back to them and they didn’t put a picture on their profile.

Wow, good on ya Corpse, writing some words anonymously, you’re such a tough guy/gal, you must be so proud of yourself and your contributions to the world. You must be so impressed that you spread such love and acceptance and respect to others.

*rolls eyes*

People like this make me lose hope in humanity.

Then I see all kinds of images, and articles, and in real life interactions that show people being thoughtful, caring, and helpful to others and I remember that idiots like this troll are to be ignored, brushed aside, minimized in my life because ultimately, this person’s comment doesn’t matter.

The reason I am writing this post is because it is possible other people who read my blog, other people who have issues with food, have received comments like this one on their blog and I want you to remember that those comments, those mean words that might initially make you want to shut down, make you want to binge or purge or restrict or cry or cut or anything else are inconsequential.

The people who write things like that have no idea what you are going through, have no idea what your life is like, have no idea how to be kind even if it is by leaving your blog to go read something else rather than stay with you on your journey offering support where they can. They can’t hurt you, their words can’t hurt you because they are nothing, their words are nothing, they are pollen being blown away by the breeze, it might make you pause and sneeze for a moment but then it is gone, away from you, no longer able to affect you.

To anybody who reads my blog and has issues with food, if you have received comments like the one I got please remember, the mean comments say more about the writer than the person they were sent to.

Do not believe them.

Do not let them affect you.

Do not let what they wrote hurt you.

What they wrote doesn’t matter.

What they wrote should be ignored.

What they wrote is a lie.

You are stronger than their words, even on your lowest day, the day you feel weakest, the day you think you can’t fight anymore you are stronger than any mean words some troll writes to you.



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