Some Things I Found

Alrighty so after that disaster of a food day last week I got right back on the wagon and have been even stricter with myself, yay! I’ve dropped down another 100 calories so I am eating even less and it makes me feel so much better. I’m hoping whatever damage I did with that binge can be minimized if I am careful.

Something I heard on a YouTube video and made me think “why the hell didn’t I think of that?!” was about diet pop.

I drink Diet Coke but I generally limit myself to one a day. I used to drink it more often but unless I am out at a restaurant or movie and drinking pop while out I, like I said, drink one can a day. Well, this YouTube video I saw had this girl doing a Q&A and one of the questions was about how much pop she drinks. In a day she has approx 17 diet pops! 17!! That’s crazy!

She said the carbonation makes her feel full, it bumps up her energy, and it tastes good. She was seeing a dietitian at the time of the video and she had told her dietitian how much she drank and they didn’t tell her to stop so she decided they must think it was ok, or at least not so bad she had to scale back asap.

Well, duh, why don’t I up my pop content? It does seem to trick my stomach in to thinking it is full, or at least not super hungry, it has caffeine which is lovely, and it tastes good…shrug, seems like an easy choice to me. 🙂

I went to the store and intended to buy a bunch of different flavoured diet pops but they surprisingly didn’t have a lot in stock, probably cause of the sale they were having. So I ended up with only two cases, one of Diet Coke and one of Sprite Zero which I was taking a chance on because I hate Coke Zero and was worried this would suck but it is actually really good! Refreshing ya know?

So now I have 2, maybe 3 cans a day, depending on the day and it’s such an improvement!

Although, I have had to scale back on all liquids because of a sensitive tooth, everything hurts unless it is room temperature, and even then it hurts the tooth a bit, sigh. So bonus because I really don’t want to eat anything since it will cause me pain but not good because I was really trying to stay hydrated and I’m finding it really hard to do because of the tooth pain. I’m going to call the dentist tomorrow and try to get an appointment to have it looked at, sigh, I hate the dentist.

The other thing is vegetables. You’re gonna think I’m an idiot for this one. I have been pretty much avoiding most vegetables because I decided they were too high in calorie for too little pay off. The other night at work they had a huge amount of grilled veggies left over (zucchini and squash) and I decided I would eat some of that instead of the dinner I took (29 grams of cheerios) because I kinda missed veggies and I figured if I didn’t eat my cheerios than maybe it would be ok to eat the veggies. When I went to find the nutritional information for the veggies I was pleasantly surprised, they are super low calorie!

Now, it isn’t that I didn’t know veggies were low in calories but when I was on Weight Watchers vegetables are zero points so you can eat unlimited amounts of them without it being counted against you. Once I left Weight Watchers and started watching calories veggies all of a sudden seemed dangerous because they went from being a zero to being an actual number so I just wiped them off my food list.

I’m so glad I ate those veggies yesterday and learned just how many of them I can eat for a decent number of calories, I had 2 cups of cubed zucchini for 40 calories and 1 cup cubed squash for 18 calories. My measurements are estimates unfortunately because I had no way to measure how much I was eating but I always estimate high so I am sure I didn’t eat more than that.

I have decided veggies need to come back on my list of ok to eat foods but I haven’t actually bought any yet because when I think about buying them I kinda shy away since I’ve had it in my head for a while now that they shouldn’t be eaten but next time I am in a grocery store I’ll check them out and see if I can’t over come that with at least one vegetable.

The last thing I “found” was that even though I knew the scale said I lost weight I didn’t really believe it, some days I swear I look even fatter in the mirror but today at work I was constantly having to pull my pants up because they were so loose they wouldn’t stay up! Yay! And I don’t mean they were a tiny bit loose I mean it was a good thing I was wearing a long top otherwise I would have been constantly flashing butt crack and nobody wants to see that, lol, oh, and I was stepping on my pants all the time because of how far down they were falling. I am so excited! I don’t have a lot of money so I’m not going to replace the pants asap since I figure at most I’ve only gone down one size and I can’t afford new clothes at each new size but maybe I’ll buy a new pair once I’ve gone down two sizes…that seems reasonable I think…



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