More Dental Work

I had more dental work today and have only been able to eat things that melt (like ice cream) or are a liquid (like a smoothie). This has made me incredibly happy because not only did I walk a bit over 6km I also ate bare minimum amounts of food meaning I have to be in a calorie deficit for the day. Yay!

Sure I am in a lot of pain, before my tongue un-froze I bit it and didn’t realize it so not only does my jaw and tooth hurt but so does my tongue, but I figure that nothing comes for free right? Right! My payment for the day of almost no food and the exercise I did is the pain, and I think that is a perfectly ok payment.

Beauty is pain, I will gladly accept the pain if I can have the beauty!

me now...

me now…

hopefully me soon...

hopefully me soon…


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