Dental Stuff

I’ve been getting a bunch of dental work done lately, now don’t go thinking my teeth looked horrible or that I neglected them, I didn’t. I just didn’t go to the dentist cause I didn’t have benefits, but now I do and I’m going. And oh man am I regretting all the years I didn’t go! I have a cracked filling, and some small cavities that formed so I’m going through weeks of dental visits to get my teeth back to tip top condition.

The cons to this?

My mouth freakin hurts! I had dental work today and omg now that the numbing has worn off I’m in pain and for some reason I find mouth pain the hardest to handle, what’s with that?

The pros to this?

(1) My dentist is totally hot and I now have a major crush on him, *swoon*

(2) I have a legitimate reason for not eating! *happy dance*

I don’t eat before my dentist appointment and then afterwards I can’t eat because half my mouth is so numb I can’t feel anything and there is legit danger I could bite my tongue and cause damage and once the numbing has worn off it hurts so much I can barely put pressure on the tooth so chewing is a thing to be avoided. woohoo!

If todays work goes like the work from last week my tooth won’t hurt by tomorrow but the one day of basically eating nothing helps set me up for multiple days of restricting. That first day can be the hardest, am I right? But if you legit don’t feel like eating cause of pain, or when you are sick, or whatever, then even when you feel better it is easy to maintain the food restriction cause your body is already in that rhythm. It’s like muscle memory, only better lol 😉

Lemme tell ya, having this experience right before Easter weekend could not have been better timed. I have a huge work buffet on Sunday but by then I’ll be on day 4 of restricting, I’m usually so happy to have held out for 4 days I don’t want to ruin it by eating something and I just continue on. 😀

All in all I’m feeling like the pain is totally worth the benefits of going to the dentist!

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