Battling A Bug

My work is inundated with sick people and has been for the past month or so. On any given day there are approximately 10 people who are sick, in various stages of the flu. Staff and residents are catching it and so far we don’t seem to be able to control the spread of it all that well.

You’d think since the building is filled with adults we’d all be adept at washing our hands and staying out of public when sick but nope! *rolls eyes*

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling not right. I’m not sick but I think that is only because my immune system is somehow successfully fighting the bug. I’m feeling a bit run down, bit more tired than normal, the other day I thought for sure I was getting sick cause my throat hurt and my nose is sniffly but it hasn’t turned in to anything.

Any normal person would be happy they are managing to not get sick but not me, I want to catch this bug, why the hell haven’t I caught this bug yet?? sigh.

People who are catching this strain of the flu are unable to eat for days, some of them for a whole week! Even without eating they are throwing up, lucky bastards.

One of my co-workers got sick and she’s lost almost 10 pounds because of it. So here I am, purposefully standing beside people who are coughing or sneezing, not washing my hands (unless I’ve just gone to the bathroom or touched a dog or something), made sure I stay tired to weaken my immune system, walk in the cold rain, and nothing. Nothing!

It’s not fair. *pout*

If I could manage to catch this flu I could drop some weight super easy and with the way I am restricting now I know I could keep it off. I love when I get sick and it helps speed up my weight loss but it appears that this time the flu bug is going to skip over me and make me lose the weight the hard way.

Flat tummy!

Flat tummy!


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