Resistance Is Not Futile

Sorry (but not really) about the Star Trek reference in the title, I know some people haaaaate Star Trek, I am not one of them lol 😛

I was at the grocery store this evening after work and you’ll never guess what happened!

As soon as I walked in the store there was this fairly large table covered in desserts, omg desserts! Only one of my favourite food groups ever! Mmm!

There were chocolate and coconut muffins, pies, cookies, basically a lovely wide selection of sweets n treats, and all of them were foods that would normally tempt me to the point of buying and bingeing.

Guess who didn’t buy any of them? This girl! 😀 wOOt!

I looked down at the table, saw what was on it, read the labels, acknowledged they probably all taste good and continued on my way. Just like that. Like it wasn’t a big deal at all. Like I am the same as other people.

Weird huh?

Aaaaaaand what is even better than the not buying and bingeing is that I wasn’t even tempted. I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want it but managed to resist it, I just…didn’t want it. Foods like that? I always want those foods, but today? Apparently I didn’t.

Maybe this is the start of my willpower coming back? *crosses fingers*

no food


6 thoughts on “Resistance Is Not Futile

    1. foodobsessed79 Post author

      Thanks. 🙂 And oh boy do I know my willpower is not reliable as it has failed me miserably since then lol But your comment brought that post back to the forefront of my mind and it’s good to remember that I had a day where I did well. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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