Is there a word to describe that sound?

If there is, I don’t know it.

What about that feeling?

I don’t know that word either.

Sitting in your car, no lights, no engine, just silence.

Then the first drop hits, quickly followed by the second, and before you know it your existence is wrapped up in the rain.

You hear nothing but the noises of the drops as they hit the roof, the windows, the ground.

You feel nothing but the strange combination of peace and excitement.

You are cocooned by the dark, trapped by the wet, alone in a neighbourhood filled with hundreds of oblivious souls.

No one sees you enjoy your stolen moments with the rain.

Deep breaths. Calm face.

The rain stops and you emerge from the safe haven you unexpectedly found.

No one will ever know that you, however briefly,  connected with your soul, remembered who you were before society made you in to what you became.

Those brief moments of truth will be safely tucked down in your memory, only to be pulled out at your darkest times, to remind you that you are more than this.

You are the person that plays in the rain, not the one who runs to the shelter worried about being wet.

~written Oct 21, 2014


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