Cayenne Pepper and Green Tea

A trainer at the gym I go to is chatty, she isn’t my personal trainer (because I can’t afford a personal trainer) but if I get a protein shake before I leave or stop by the desk on the way out we usually end up talking.

During one of these talks she said something she does, and recommends, is taking cayenne pepper pills in combination with green tea extract pills (or you can drink the green tea, she takes the pills cause she doesn’t like green tea lol).

She is super skinny so obviously I am gonna take any advice she gives me.

It took me a while to find the cayenne pepper pills, I could find them online but was having trouble finding them in a store and I’d much rather buy them in a store than online. It’s not that I don’t trust online shopping, I just don’t want to wait for them to be shipped to me, I’m impatient lol

I was in Superstore the other day and found an aisle I’d never seen before, filled with all kinds of supplements etc and there they were, bottles of cayenne pepper extract pills, score! Oh, and right beside them? The green tea extract pills. Like it was meant to be! 😉

Capsaicin is the active ingredient in cayenne pepper and depending on which article you read on the internet, can aid in weight loss. Combining it with green tea, according to the trainer and random internet sources, will give it a boost.

By now everyone has heard that green tea, either the pills or the actual drink, aid in weight loss, hell, I know people who have green tea in their water bottles when they are working out instead of water lol This cayenne pepper thing is new, to me anyways.

I was warned that you must must must take the pills when eating, as in, eat half your meal, pop the pills, eat the other half of your meal. If you have nothing in your stomach, or not enough in your stomach, when you take the cayenne pepper pill you will feel like your stomach is on fire and be in such misery you’ll never want to take one of the pills again.

I decided to wait and take my first cayenne pepper pill on a day I didn’t work, that way if I had a bad response to it I wouldn’t feel like crap while at work.

Today was that day!

I kinda forgot about it, sigh, so I took the pills (one cayenne pepper pill, one green tea extract pill) after I ate, then I drank a big glass of water juuuuuust in case.

An unknown amount of time after I popped the pills (I wish I’d timed how long it took…) I all of a sudden had a horrible sensation in my stomach, kind of a fiery nauseating pain…not as strong as it would be if I had no food in my stomach (I’m guessing) but strong enough I felt kinda miserable.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt as if I could throw up quiet easily, but wanted to avoid that if possible, so I sat, in misery, and tried to distract myself with tv. Maybe ten minutes or so after it started it stopped.

No more nausea. No more fire. No more pain. Just a normal stomach again.

I’m counting this as a success and will keep on taking the pills. I figure, if I only take them when I am eating at home (which is the majority of my meals), and if I make sure I don’t eat right before I have to leave but instead give myself time, well, I should be fine.

Fine, and possibly thinner! *crosses fingers*

tall n skinny


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