Restrict Then Binge Then Heartburn

My day started off with some restricting, not full on restricting since I was planning on using today to get back on track with my “healthy eating plan”, but some restricting. I could justify it because I was going to an audition and you don’t want to be bloated or feel heavy at an audition.

After the audition I stopped at a Tim Horton’s and bought two pumpkin spice muffins, if you haven’t had one of these you are missing out, they are the best part of October, imo. Seriously, so yum!

However, buying two? Bad. Move.

I told myself I wouldn’t eat them until after I did all my errands and exercised and that even then, I would only eat one, the other would be saved for tomorrow.

I lied to myself, big time.

I got home and instead of immediately going out to do my errands/exercise I sat down, and I ate a muffin. Then I immediately ate the second muffin. šŸ˜¦

Oh, it gets worse, then I ate 5 vanilla girl guide cookies.

I sternly told myself that I had to get myself under control so I went out walking. I like to walk when doing errands cause I get exercise while getting other stuff done. There aren’t always enough hours in the day for me so combining activities helps.

I walked for two hours with a bit of a break at the hour mark to go in to the shop and do my shopping, it was a little over 10km of walking. I’ve done better but this was what I had time for, shrug.

When I got home I immediately went out in my vehicle because I noticed a gas station with low pump prices and my vehicle was almost on empty.

If I had just gotten the gas and left I would have been fine but I went in to the gas station shop and over to the Tim Horton’s counter, normally I don’t go to Timmy’s all that often so twice in one day is…ridiculous…

I ended up buying a meal combo, I got a crispy chicken sandwich, tea and another pumpkin spice muffin. WTF???

I didn’t even pretend to myself I wasn’t going to eat everything once I got home. I just gave up and left myself open to the whims of my weird, day long calorie-fest.

I ate everything.

Now? Now I have stomach pains, heartburn, acid reflux and guilt. Oh and don’t forget the feeling of failure…what a lovely way to end the day.

I'll never get to look like this the way I'm eating, sigh.

I’ll never get to look like this the way I’m eating, sigh.


2 thoughts on “Restrict Then Binge Then Heartburn

  1. emvardz

    don’t beat yourself up about a bad day, no one’s perfect ā¤
    start fresh tomorrow and make better choices,you can do it! šŸ™‚


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