Burn Those Calories, Burn!

I had a wicked exercise session today, I burned 1105 calories which is way more than what I eat in a day so yay for a massive calorie deficit! 😀

I started to get lightheaded and slightly nauseous during the workout which I took as a sign my body was really pushing through to get to the next level. I know some people would say that is a sign your body doesn’t have enough fuel to accomplish what you are trying to do but I don’t like listening to them. 😛

I’m hoping todays workout helps to make up for my missing my workout yesterday. The girl who was supposed to work the evening shift yesterday called in sick so I got called in last minute which sucked because I was supposed to workout in the evening and all of a sudden couldn’t. 😦

I hate missing a workout, it makes me feel so lazy, well, lazier than I normally feel which is pretty lazy lol

I’m crossing my fingers nothing happens to get in the way of my exercise session tomorrow!

dont stop


2 thoughts on “Burn Those Calories, Burn!

  1. Luigi

    Well, I disagree with such a fight against your body, but I understand it. As far as it can count, you have all my moral support.

    Said that… Your writing skills are just amazing! You could easily write a book about yourself (or maybe it is already happening… you are a professional writer and this blog is just a concept–who knows?). 🙂

    Hold on and keep fighting for what you want to be. Just be careful not to hurt yourself.

    A big, big hug,



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