Now I’ve gone and done it, I’ve gone and gotten a crush on a guy I have no hope in hell of ever dating. sigh.

I work with him, so strike one since I will never ever date a guy I work with. He’s super fit, so strike two cause no way he would ever want anything to do with someone who looks like me. There must be a strike three…I just can’t think of it right now lol

I’m not sure why I’m crushing on him, he’s not my normal type but I suppose the why doesn’t really matter.

Part of me is kinda shocked this has happened, I still think a lot about my ex, I didn’t think I had it in me to be liking someone else and yet…here I am…I tried dating someone else a little bit ago and found myself constantly comparing him to my ex which isn’t fair to either of us so I let it flounder.

But now I’m wondering if maybe I am ready to move on, or at least think about moving on. How do you know?

Maybe I’m crushing on him because I know it is safe to, I know nothing will ever happen between us so why not think about him? Or maybe it happened because I am so busy I never meet anybody new so out of the available pool of guys in my life he’s the best of the choices? If that’s the case then crushing on him is still a safe bet cause that’s no way to pick a person to date.

Not that I’m wanting to date right now, but now I’m thinking about it and how it’s nice having someone think about you and care about you…it’s great right up until they toss you away cause you don’t look right, ugh, why am I even thinking about it? I know no guy will want near me till I’ve gotten thinner and look better on their arm. It must be cause it’s summer, don’t stats say people date more in summer?

I am captivated by her ribs

I am captivated by her ribs



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