Under For The Week

I am using the Lose It! app to track my calories, fat, carbs and protein and it’s going pretty well.

I had a big screw up last Monday because I was still messed up from what happened at work the previous Friday, I totally dived in to emotional eating, ugh. I’m mad at myself for it now but at the time there was no guilt, no second guessing, just me needing to drown my feelings with food. Hey, least I don’t do drugs or drink!

I’m slowly getting a bit more equalized emotion wise. Better yet, I decided that since my binge eating Monday didn’t make me feel better I might as well track my food and be super careful and not screw up again.

So far so good.

Every day (except for that Monday of course) I ate under my daily calories. Each day I under ate by different amounts, some days by as little as fifty some calories, other days I under ate by over three hundred calories. I was especially pleased with myself those days!

The end result was after it is all averaged at the end of the week I was under my calories which I really didn’t think was possible since I screwed up so badly with the pizza and breadsticks.

Just goes to show that starving yourself to extremes multiple days in a row can get you positive results. 🙂

Look at those hip bones! I lust after hip bones like that!

Look at those hip bones! I lust after hip bones like that!


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