A Poem Inspired By A Song

The Last Rose Fantasia,  May 18, 2010

The sound of the music is so beautiful it makes me weep

As the tears track gently down my cheeks I am overwhelmed by emotion

I love, I loss, I crave something I do not even know exists

I yearn with all that I am for something my heart barely remembers from another time

The music peaks and with it my heart nearly bursts from my chest, only to be restrained by these temporary vessels in which we all reside

Everytime I hear the violin cry I hope to feel this way, it is the only way I remember what could be, what was at some point

The only way to remember who I am really am and not what this world is trying to make me

I love this song. This poem is what popped in my head when I listened to it years ago. I find when I am at my lowest I try to express what I am feeling in poetry. I never share it with anyone, I write it for me not for my friends or family to read but for some reason I thought I’d post it here.


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