I Didn’t Mean To Disappear

Alrighty, so I didn’t mean to go offline like I did. I didn’t die, get admitted in to anywhere, quit blogging or anything else.

I went on…vacation!

This might not seem weird to you, considering you don’t know much about me, but this is a weird thing because I haven’t had a vacation in 8 years. That’s a long freakin time to not go anywhere! Especially considering how much I love to travel and how much of the world I still need to see.

I went to LA, visited with a friend that lives there, attempted to make contacts while there (I act) and had a great time!

I made a lot of new friends, and it is amazing how ten days of being surrounded by nice people who just by their actions make you feel good about yourself can boost the self esteem. I came back from LA knowing I am not as pretty or as thin as well, pretty much every single female in LA but still feeling better about myself then when I went because of all the positive attention I was getting while there.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been active more often than not, and have been eating sorta close to what other people eat like. I only had one binge so far, yah! And it wasn’t nearly as large of a binge as I normally have…I wonder if this could be the start of me stopping that behaviour? I think I would like that…

I haven’t starved myself since being back, or purged, or engaged in any of the extreme behaviours I usually do. Before I went I was hitting quite the low point with my eating habits but the trip seems to have triggered something in me that is helping me not engage in any of my bad food habits. It might be because my friend never eats at home, not even an exaggeration, literally every single thing I ate was bought at a restaurant so after ten days of that I was so ready for eating food that didn’t leave me feeling poorer, overly full, or just icked out cause I don’t know exactly how good/bad it is for me.

Who knew a vacation would help me eat better?!



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