ED Rules

I never really thought about the rules or criteria for eating disorders. I mean, you either have one or you don’t and isn’t that it?

Apparently not.

I suppose we all have the image in our head of a super skinny person when we think of someone with an eating disorder, am I right? Turns out you can be fat and have an eating disorder, and I don’t mean fat at the beginning before you become skinny, I mean fat while in the midst of your eating disorder.

Who knew?

I am fat, huge, massive, disgusting…get the idea? Because of this, even with all of the weird food rules I have and things I do, I never thought of myself as having an eating disorder, I just thought I had quirks and was willing to go to extreme lengths to lose my weight. After all, I can’t have a problem if I am still so large, right? Now if I was nice ‘n skinny then maaaaybe but not while I am still so fat.

Seems though that maybe I was wrong?

I read an article the other day that was talking about how the medical community doesn’t recognize eating disorders in overweight people, instead the weird food rules etc they utilize are applauded as that person trying to become healthier and become in shape. The article went on to say overweight people can easily be overlooked in the medical community because of the misconceptions even trained specialists have about the look of someone who has an eating disorder.

I decided to see what the internet said about me so I googled and found a whole whack load of online quizzes you can take anonymously and for free to see if you are high risk for an eating disorder or if you most likely already have one. I know I know, online quizzes, lame right? But I tried one anyways, didn’t like the answer so I took another, then another, then another and finally quit the quizzes because I don’t like the results of any of them.

They all said I have an eating disorder. Obviously they are wrong because I am too fat to have an eating disorder, but now I’m all confused because of the article talking about how even fat people can have an eating disorder…

Awww man, why can’t it be all straight forward like I thought it was, or it used to be?

mind over matter


2 thoughts on “ED Rules

  1. xonthis

    I kind of wondered about this topic too. It’s practically glamorized like on the Biggest Loser and magazines about how much weight overweight people lose.
    I’ve seen a few documentaries of girls in rehab. Clearly those stuffing food in their hair to avoid eating have a disorder but its really grey otherwise.

    1. foodobsessed79 Post author

      I’m not the only one! Yah! I thought maybe it was just me that got a bit confused about how to categorize who has a problem lol Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂


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