Almost An Ok Day

I ate perogies today, badness I know! Even worse, I ate them with sour cream, Mmm sour cream! I can’t remember the last time I had sour cream *wistful sigh* I decided to have a larger first meal than I normally do in the hopes it would keep me from eating at work but just in case I got hungry at work I took a protein shake with me.

I looooooove my protein shakes! They have a scoop of protein powder, half a scoop of vege powder, half a cup of frozen mixed berries, a banana, half a cup of plain yogurt, a cup of almond milk and a teaspoon of omega-3 oil. It tastes freakin delish and I don’t feel guilty when I have one because it’s super healthy stuff and it has more then a daily serving of fruits and vegg so it is a legit meal for sure, a healthy meal that doesn’t make me feel icky and bloated cause it’s just a drink. 🙂

I ended up drinking it at work, which I was ok with but I still ended up eating two desserts once all the other staff were gone and there was nobody to see, sigh. 😦

The desserts at work are a killer for me, I can never control myself around them. You should have seen how badly I pigged out on the freshly made donut holes one night, disgusting! Once all the other staff go home and it is just me there for hours I find it so hard to stay out of the kitchen and when I am in the kitchen for legit working reasons I find it impossible to not stuff my face with some form of dessert.

My willpower sucks.

I was kinda proud of myself that I stopped at two desserts since I normally would have had more. I can’t really take credit for stopping though, the only reason I did was because my tummy felt off, not quite sick, but something was wrong, it was kind of hurting, and putting food in to it was making it hurt more so obviously I stopped putting food in it. Now that I think back, I’m grateful for that pain since it got me to stop. I wonder if I can make it come back again…

When I got home I exercised, worked up a nice sweat so that’s good. 🙂

I’m going to try really really hard from now on to take a protein shake with me to work everyday, this way, I for sure will have no excuse for eating the food at work, also, the protein shake has so many good things in it for me that if I drink that for a meal it decreases how much other food I will eat during the rest of the day but doesn’t decrease me getting my vitamins and nutrients, awesomeness! 😀

Despite the perogies, sour cream and two desserts I don’t feel too badly about today, I should, but I don’t. Not sure why but I’m just gonna go with the not feeling badly sensation since I’m sure I’ll screw up horribly soon enough and be back to hating myself wholly and completely before I know it. 😛

I have this as my phone's wallpaper to remind me

I have this as my phone’s wallpaper to remind me


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