Liposuction: An Actual Possibility?

Since I was young I have wanted liposuction. Everyone knows the only truly happy people are skinny people and a surgery that can make you skinny seems perfect to me!

But how to finance surgery?

I see all those shows on tv that have normal income people getting all kinds of plastic surgeries. Face lifts. Liposuction. Boob jobs. Name it, normal everyday people somehow find a way to finance these things. But how??

I was googling the other week and came across the perfect combination of words to get the results I was looking for. I wanted to know how to pay for lipo, and google told me. I love google. šŸ™‚

There is a company that you can get financing through that deals specifically with financing plastic surgeries. Brilliant! You can apply first to find out how much you qualify for then go meet a doc or go to a doc first, find out how much it’ll cost, then apply for financing. Either way, a normal person, with a normal income, can get the surgery they have always wanted and pay for it for as little as $80/month. Sometimes the focus our society places on image totally works in my favour lol.

I decided to wait until the end of summer before pursuing this for multiple reasons. One reason is I saw a plastic surgeon a couple years ago about liposuction and he said the best route is to lose as much weight by myself as I could because then (1) I’d get the best results from the lipo and (2) the less you need to get sucked out of you the cheaper it costs. Well, since then I’ve lost a bunch of weight, obviously not enough to be thin and pretty, but hopefully enough to get the best results possible and to have it cost less.

Another reason to wait until end of summer is because of the sport I am in, we compete all throughout the summer and the recovery time can be up to 6 weeks (depending on which form of lipo you get) so I wouldn’t be able to train or race and I can’t stand the thought of that. I committed to the team, and I love the sport, plus team fees are a lot, no way will I miss out on racing or practice, nuh-uh!

A third reason is by the end of the season I am always in better shape then at any other time of year, so back to the whole it will be cheaper thing. What can I say, I don’t make that much money!

My fourth reason is my credit rating took a bit of a hit last year because of being laid off from my work and being late with payments on various bills when I was job hunting. My banking lady said the damage won’t show anymore by July-ish so the later I wait to get approved for financing, the better my credit rating will be, which means the more money I will get approved for.

So all excellent reasons from what I can see.

Since I had decided to wait it’s given me time to think about it, and I think about it pretty much every day lol. I can’t wait! I’m psyched for it! To have all those fat cells sucked out of me, to get smaller thighs, flatter tummy area, no more muffin top…it’s gonna rock!

do you want


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