Exhausted and Underfed

I am so tired, exhausted actually.

I had a super busy and active day yesterday then had to be up early for work today. I woke up hungry, as a result of so much activity yesterday I expect. I ate lunch and dinner today which bothers me but they are slightly evened out by the run and then the ab work and squats I did after work. It was bright and sunny and hot today so I wore yoga pants and a long sleeve top to make sure I sweated even more when outside running. Little tricks that really help! 🙂

I don’t have much to say about today or yesterday…both days were super hot, I exercised hard both days, I ate stuff I shouldn’t but am hoping the exercise I did counteracted it…

Right now I’m drinking lots of water, I think I am a bit dehydrated. Unless I am going to be photographed or filmed I don’t care to be dehydrated. Your body expels more water and refrains from getting bloated if you drink lots of water so I really do try. I don’t always manage but the past 3 or 4 days I’ve done really well. 🙂

Do This!

Do This!

Do This More!
Do This More!



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