Hunger Pangs

Three nights in a row now I’ve been actively hungry when I go to bed, wOOt!! How great is that?! I’m so excited for myself lol

As I lay in bed trying to fall asleep my tummy growls and it makes me grin. I love and hate the feeling of being hungry. I hate the pain I feel but I love knowing what being hungry means – it means I am that much closer to being skinny! When I’m hungry and tempted to eat I remind myself the hunger pangs mean I’m closer to my goal, if I don’t feel hungry I am farther from my goal.

Hunger pangs = I’m doing something right! 🙂

Today I ate a bowl of cereal with a cut up banana on top for my breakfast&lunch combo. I  never eat breakfast and then lunch, I combine them in to one small meal, it’s so much easier that way. Then at work I pretended I was going to eat dinner, I did eat a super tiny bowl of veggie soup, it was a clear broth so I’m ok with that. The salad the chef made me I took to my desk, then got “too busy” to eat, then after the kitchen staff was gone I went and threw it all out. Pretty great huh? 😀

I’ve been more tired then usual lately, not sure why. All I really want to do is sleep all the time. I actually did sleep almost an entire day away this week, if I’m being honest it was two days I almost slept away, I woulda slept away a third but people kept waking me up. Meanies! I had some really weird dreams while I was sleeping those days away, strange and disjointed but at the same time they felt so real. I don’t remember much about the dreams but I remember I liked them…

keep going to bed hungry and you'll get to your goal!

keep going to bed hungry and you’ll get to your goal!


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